Starting HansaWorld SmartApps for the First Time on a Desktop Computer

When you install HansaWorld SmartApps on a desktop computer as described here, a HansaWorld SmartApps directory or folder will be created, containing a number of files:

Shown is the Windows XP folder: its appearance on your computer and the number of files and folders may differ slightly according to the type of machine you are using, its operating system and certain other settings. In the illustration, for example, all file extensions are shown. Some or all of the following files should be present:
  1. The HansaWorld SmartApps application, consisting of the program file "Hansa-2K-R.exe","Hansa-OSX-R" (Macintosh OS X Power PC) or "Hansa-OSX-D" (Macintosh OS X Intel).

  2. The "Hob" folder, containing language and other files. This must be present in the same folder or directory as the HansaWorld SmartApps application.

  3. The "DBDef.txt" and "Default.txt" files, which are used by HansaWorld SmartApps to import some basic settings data whenever a new database is created. These files must be present in the same directory as the program when a new database is created.

  4. An "Attach" folder, which must be present if you want to attach files to records. Such Attachments are described in the Work Area section of these web pages. In multi-user installations, this folder should be on the master machine. In some installations, this folder will not be created until you run Han