Introduction to Creating SmartApps Applications

HansaWorld SmartApps is a database tool that allows you to create your own applications for use on the Nokia E90. Each SmartApps application will be a database that consists of a register in which information of a particular type is stored, in the form of records. Each record will in turn consist of a number of fields. For example, you might create a SmartApps application that stores contact information for your Customers. This application will consist of a single Customer register, which will contain a separate record for each Customer. The individual pieces of information about a Customer (telephone number, mobile number, email address and so on) will be stored in separate fields within the record.

When you create a SmartApps application, you will need to create the following elements:

  • the App itself;

  • a Register;

  • one or more Fields in the Register;

  • a Browse window. This window will appear when you open the Register and will list the records in that Register; and

  • a Record window. This will allow you to add new records to the Register and to modify existing records.

  • if necessary, you can create one or more Reports to allow you to analyse the contents of the Register.
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In this documentation, it will be assumed that you will do this work on a desktop computer (e.g. a Windows machine or Macintosh), and then copy the results to your Nokia E90. The windows that you will use to create registers and windows are fairly large, so the larger screen of a desktop computer will be an advantage. However, if necessary you can follow the same processes on the E90 itself.


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