The Appearance of the Report

The next step is to specify what information from the chosen register is to be printed in the report. In the example Customer List, the Contact Number, Name, Category and Telephone Number will be printed. Change to the 'Layout' card:

The report layout is divided into various sections. There is always an overall Header and Footer for the report, both of which will be printed once. Each register that you add to the report on the 'Data' card will have four sections: Header, Before, After and Footer.

The six sections in the example Customer list will be printed in this order:

Contact Header
Contact Before
Contact After
Contact Footer
The Contact Before and Contact After sections will be printed once for each record, thus building up the report. The Contact Before and Contact After sections will be printed once per report, so are appropriate places for column headings and totals respectively. Empty sections are not printed.

A report section can contain any combination of objects (i.e. text, fields, totals and formulae). Overlapping objects of any kind are not allowed. The Header and Footer are not related to specific registers, so you cannot place fields in these sections. You can only place text objects and formulae in them. The Contact Header, Contact Before, Contact After and Contact Footer sections are connected to the Contact register. You can place fields from the Contact register in these sections, but not fields from any other register.

The width of the grey bars containing the section names represents the width of the report window when the report window is printed to screen. Objects placed beyond the grey bars (on the extreme right) will not be printed. If you need to change the width of the report window, do so using the Width field on the 'Settings' card.

If you need to delete an object, click on it and then click the [Delete] button (or select 'Clear' from the Edit menu).

You can also delete an entire section, by clicking on a grey bar and then clicking the [Delete] button (or selecting 'Clear' from the Edit menu). Every object in the section will be deleted as well. Be careful as you cannot undo deletions. If you delete a section by mistake, click the [Section] button to replace it. When the 'Section' dialogue box opens, specify the section using the Type options, and choose the Set Name using 'Paste Special':

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