After installing Books by HansaWorld, you should register it with HansaWorld. This registration process will provide you with an Enabler Key. When you install Books by HansaWorld, this Key will be absent. The program will be fully operational for 30 days after installation. This allows time for the set-up work described here and to test the suitability of the software. After 30 days, if you have not registered to apply for your Key, the program will change to restricted mode: it will remain fully functional, but printing will be disabled.

You can apply for the Key at any time (before or after the 30-day point), but before doing so you should ensure you have registered the number of Companies that you need and entered them all in the Company register and named them all in the Company Info setting. You should also have specified your computer hardware and operating system in the Configuration setting.

As the 30-day point approaches, the first window of the registration process the will open each time you start the application, providing a reminder that you need to register. Please follow the sequence described below.

Registering for an Enabler Key requires the computer containing Books by HansaWorld to be connected to the Internet.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the [Routines] button in the Master Control panel. A window containing a separate button for each routine will appear:

  2. Click the [Registration] button in the list of routines.

  3. Click the [Register this Product] button.

  4. The 'Search for Existing Registration' window appears:

    If you have not previously registered with HansaWorld, leave both fields empty and click [Next].

  5. The 'Company Information: Inspect' window will open, containing your company name and address, taken from the Company Info setting. Check the details are correct and click the [Next] button. This will register your details in the HansaWorld customer database. You will be given a Customer Code, Contract Number and Registration Number: these will be visible in the Internet Enablers setting.

  6. You will be asked to enter the Activation Code of your copy of Books by HansaWorld:

    If you purchased Books by HansaWorld in a shop, the Activation Code will be included in the box. If you purchased it online, you will have been sent the Activation Code as part of the package.

  7. You will be given an Enabler Key and a Valid Until Date: these will be visible in the Configuration setting. The Valid Until date will be set to three months from the date you started using the program.
Once you have obtained a Key, if you change the Valid Until Date in the Configuration setting, Books by HansaWorld will go into restricted mode (printing will be disabled). You can regain full use of the program by reverting the Configuration setting to its original state.

If you add a new Company to the database or change the Company Name in the Company Info setting in any existing Company, this will also cause Books by HansaWorld to go into restricted mode. In this case, however, you can only regain full use of the program by applying for a new Key.

Once a month your copy of Books by HansaWorld will connect to the HansaWorld server automatically to get a new Enabler Key. The new Key will add one month to the Valid Until date.

If for some reason this automatic connection fails and your copy of Books by HansaWorld is unable to obtain a new Key, it will attempt to connect once a day for the next two months. After this period, if it is still unable to obtain a new key, your copy of Books by HansaWorld will go into restricted mode. If you want to activate the monthly connection and obtain the next Enabler Key yourself, open the Internet Enablers setting in the System module and click the [Get Enabler Key] button. The next automatic connection will occur one month later.


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