Books by HansaWorld is supplied in two formats: in a box on CD-ROM, and as a download from our website,

For Mac OS X, the CD-ROM will contain a single file, named "Books". Copy this to your 'Applications' folder. If you downloaded Books by HansaWorld from our website, a .dmg file will be saved on your hard disk. Open the .dmg file by double-clicking, and then copy the Books application that it contains to your 'Applications' folder.

For Windows, the CD-ROM and the download will both provide a Books by HansaWorld installer:

Launch the installer by double-clicking, and follow the instructions on screen.

On all platforms, make sure you have at least 100 Mb available for the Books by HansaWorld application, the associated files and for the data file that will be created the first time you launch the application.


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