Introduction to the Chart of Accounts in Standard products

The Account register contains your Chart of Accounts.

Standard products do not require or use any hard-coded Accounts. You must therefore define your own Chart of Accounts or import an existing one before you can begin posting transactions. The simplest method is to use the standard Chart of Accounts supplied with your Standard application. This will have been imported to your database if you chose the option to start with standard settings when you created it (as described on the Starting any Standard product - New Installation page.


If you use your own Chart of Accounts, or modify the one supplied with your Standard application, you must ensure that every Account used in the settings and report definitions is a valid Account that exists in your Chart of Accounts.

Remember that you always have access to the Chart of Accounts through the 'Paste Special' feature. You can use this feature when you enter a transaction of any kind and cannot remember an Account Number.


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