Entering an Invoice - Del. Address Card

This page describes the fields on the 'Del. Address' card of the Invoice record. Please click the following links for descriptions of the other cards:

Address Code
Paste Special    Delivery Addresses setting, Sales Orders module
If a Customer has several Delivery Addresses (e.g. it has several branches), you can list them in the Delivery Addresses setting in the Sales Orders module. Select the correct one for a particular Invoice using the 'Paste Special' function. The full Delivery Address will be brought in to the fields below. Usually, only Delivery Addresses for the specified Customer and those with no Customer specified will be included in the 'Paste Special' list. If you would like all the 'Paste Special' list to contain all Delivery Addresses, select the Paste All Delivery Addresses option in the Order Settings setting in the Sales Orders module.

If you choose a Delivery Address in which you have specified a Region and./or a VAT Code or Tax Template, they will be brought into the Invoice. Any taxes already in the Invoice will be recalculated. This can be useful for international sales.

Delivery Address
Default taken from    Delivery Address or Contact record for the Customer
Enter the Delivery Address here, if different from the Invoice Address or the usual Delivery Address shown on the 'Delivery' card of the Customer record.

Paste Special    Countries setting, System module
Default taken from     Delivery Address or Contact record for the Customer (Country on 'Delivery' card)
The Country where the Delivery Address is located will be brought in from the Delivery Address specified in the Address Code field above or from the 'Delivery' card of the Customer's record in the Contact register.

Delivery GLN
In an Invoice created from an Order or Delivery, the GLN (Global Location Number) of the delivery address will appear here. The GLN will be copied from the related Order, which will have taken it from the Delivery Address record or from the 'Company' card of the Contact record for the Customer.

In an Invoice that was not created from an Order or Delivery, this field will be blank unless you specify an Address Code in the field above, in which case the Delivery GLN will be taken from the Delivery Address record.

The Invoice register in Standard ERP:

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