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Once you have agreed an Employment Contract with an Employee and both parties have signed it, you should mark the relevant Employment Contract record in Standard ERP as OK and save it. This will ensure that the agreed details cannot be changed.

There will be occasions when some of the provisions in a Contract will change. For example, the Salary or Job Title might change. In this situation, you cannot make the change to the Contract itself. Instead, you need to create a new record in a separate register, the Employment Contract Change register. This will ensure the original Contract details remain on file, and will also provide a change history for the Contract.

To register an Employment Contract Change, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Employment Contract that is to be changed. The Contract must already have been marked as OK and saved.

  2. Choose 'Employment Contract Change' from the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or from the + menu (iOS/Android):

  3. The following window will open, where you can register the change:

    The new record will be opened in a window entitled 'Employment Contract Change: New'. This means that it has not yet been saved. All details in the Employment Contract Change will be copied from the most recent previous Employment Contract Change or from the Employment Contract if there are no previous Changes (the Comment, Fwd. Bal Days, Fwd. Bal. Date and Reason will not be copied).

  4. Enter the new details as appropriate and, when they are agreed with the Employee, mark the Employment Contract Change as OK and save. The ability to mark an Employment Contract Change as OK is subject to access rights.

  5. The Employment Contract Change will be listed in the matrix in the Employment Contract:

  6. If you need to see the latest provisions in a Contract including all Contract Changes, open the Employment Contract record and choose 'Employment Contract Data' from the Operations menu. The following report will be printed to screen:


The Employment Contract register in Standard ERP:

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