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Need to Share Information - and update it in real time?

Do you need to share information like Marketing or Technical Material, Management Reports, Case Studies, or simply Internal News? Do you want to be able to constantly communicate with your employees, customers, suppliers, and contacts, on an Intranet Solution? Electronic Conferencing in HansaWorld enables you to share information and files to any materials and make them instantly available to all colleagues.

Collaborative Sharing of Information

You can copy one subject to different persons and conferences in a single time. You can publish them internally and also on the web, making them accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Secure Access

Sensitive Information? Access in Electronic conferencing can be set up for each user and therefore is very secure.

Quick Search

To easily find the right information on what you are searching for use HansaWorld's built in search function, with multiple search options through all or a selected number of conferences.

Workflow Management

HansaWorld allows you to not only share information but to build up workflow routines using conferences. Electronic conferencing can support business processes by building a sequence of conferences for documents.

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