Object Type Control

This setting allows you to make sure that you will always use an Object belonging to a certain Object Type whenever you post to a particular Account. This feature serves as a handy reminder always to use Objects. It does not prevent you using additional Objects not in the specified Object Type.


This setting is valid in the Sales and Purchase Ledgers as well as in the Nominal Ledger.

Enter and edit the fields in the usual way. (Don't forget the 'Paste Special' feature!)
Paste Special    Object Types setting, Nominal Ledger
Specify the Object Type, one of whose members you must use together with the Account(s) specified in the field to the right.

Paste Special    Account register, Nominal Ledger/System module
Enter the Accounts that require Objects belonging to the Object Type specified in the Type field. You can specify a range of Account numbers by separating the first and the last number in the range with a colon. Use commas to separate single Account numbers (e.g. 1000:2000, 3011, 3013, 3200:3499.)

If you need to use 'Paste Special' to enter several Accounts, type the comma or colon before opening the 'Paste Special' list. This will cause the next Account to be added to those already entered. Otherwise, the previous Account will be overwritten.
Click [Save] when you are done. Click the [Cancel] button if you wish to close the setting without saving any changes.

If you use an Account in a transaction of any kind and forget to enter an Object belonging to the required Object Type, the following alert will be shown when you try to save the record:

Click [OK] to close the message, and then enter an Object belonging to the requested Object Type.