Introduction to the Item Group Register

The Item Group is a means of classifying and organising Items. By assigning Items of a similar nature to an Item Group, you can ensure those Items will use the same Sales and Cost Accounts, Stock Account and VAT Codes, saving you the work of having to specify these for each Item individually. Defining and assigning Item Groups also makes modification easier: if you need to change the Cost Account, for example, you only need make one change (to the Item Group), rather than many (to each of the Items). If necessary you can of course specify an Account or VAT Code in an individual Item record: this will take precedence over the Account or VAT Code specified in the Item Group.

Assigning Items to Item Groups can also help with reporting. Many reports in Standard ERP allow you to list Items belonging to a particular Item Group.

If you need every Item to be assigned to an Item Group, select the Demand Item Group option in the Item Settings setting in the Sales Ledger. You can also specify a Default Item Group in the same setting: this will be copied to each new Item record.


The Item Group register in Standard ERP:

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