Operations Menu - Create Goods Receipt

Use this function when you need to receive goods into stock against a Purchase Order. It is available on the Operations menu both in the browse window and in the record window for an individual Purchase Order. When you run this function from the browse window, highlight a single Purchase Order before selecting the function. When you run it from the record window, you must first save all changes to the Purchase Order (use the [Save] button).

When you select the function, a new record will be created in the Goods Receipt register (in the Stock module) and opened in a new window, entitled 'Goods Receipt: Inspect'. This means that it has been created and saved and is being opened for amendment and approval.

The Goods Receipt record takes its information from the Purchase Order, and usually assumes that all Items not yet received are on the current shipment. The exception is when you are using the Set Goods Receipt Quantity to Zero option in the Purchase Order Settings setting, in which case the default Quantity for all Items will be zero.

Plain Items on the Purchase Order will not appear on the Goods Receipt if you are using the Automatic receiving of Service and Plain Items option in the Stock Settings setting.

If the Purchase Order contains an Item that requires Serial Numbers at the Unit level (set on the 'Stock' card of the Item screen) with a Quantity greater than one, the Goods Receipt will contain the appropriate number of rows each with a Quantity of one. This allows you to enter Serial Numbers on flip B. You must enter Serial Numbers before you can approve the Goods Receipt, unless you are using the No Serial No. on Goods Receipts option in the Stock Settings setting. In the case of an Item requiring Serial Numbers at the Batch level, the Goods Receipt will only contain a single row with the quantity copied from the Purchase Order. If in fact you receive more than one batch, use the 'Split Row' Operations menu function to divide the row into two, and then enter the appropriate quantities and Serial Numbers in both rows. The 'Split Row' function will ensure that both Goods Receipt rows remain connected to the originating Purchase Order row, so the Received Quantities in that row will be correct.

You can change the Quantity in any row in the Goods Receipt screen can be amended as appropriate but you will not be able to enter a quantity greater than that ordered (unless you are using the Do Not Allow Over Receiving option in the Stock Settings setting in the Stock module). You can also remove entire rows, by clicking on the row number to the left and pressing the Backspace key, but you will not be able to add or insert rows.

The Use Today's Rate on Goods Receipts check box in the Purchase Order Settings setting controls the Base and Exchange Rates on the 'Currency' card of the Goods Receipt. If you are not using this option, the rates will be copied from the Purchase Order. If you are using it, the latest Base and Exchange Rates will be used in the Goods Receipt. In the latter case, the prices in Currency in the Goods Receipt will not be changed. This means you will still be charged the agreed price, but the value of the Goods Receipt in the home Currency (and therefore in the Stock List and in the Nominal Ledger) will be different to that of the Purchase Order.

To print Stock Labels, use the 'Print Labels' function on the Operations menu. To print a Goods Receipt Note, click the Printer icon.

When you have checked and confirmed that the Goods Receipt is correct, click the OK check box and save. This signifies that the Goods Receipt has been approved. Stock levels will be updated and, if you have determined that Nominal Ledger Transactions are to be created (using the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger and the Number Series - Goods Receipts setting), these Transactions will now be created. You will no longer be able to modify the Goods Receipt. You will not be able to create a Purchase Invoice for the Items on the Goods Receipt until it has been approved. Please refer to the Cost Accounting page for full details of the Nominal Ledger Transaction.

Please click here for a full description of the screen, including detailed information about shipments, stock and Nominal Ledger Transactions.

To close the screen and return to the Purchase Order, click the close box. You will be asked if you want to save any changes. The Recv. 1 and Recv. 2 fields of the Purchase Order (visible on flip C) will be updated automatically (you will need to close the Order and re-open it to see this). For any Items on the Goods Receipt that are Stocked Items, the stock balance for the stock Location specified for the Goods Receipt will be updated.

The Purchase Order and the Goods Receipt will remain connected to each other through the Attachments facility. This allows you to open the Order quickly and easily when reviewing the Goods Receipt, or to open the Goods Receipt from the Order. When viewing the Goods Receipt or Order, click the button with the paper clip image to open a list of attachments. Then double-click an item in this list to open it.

If the function does not create a Goods Receipt, the probable causes are:

  1. The Purchase Order has been marked as Closed.

  2. All Items on the Purchase Order have already been received.

  3. You have logged in as a user that is not permitted to create Goods Receipts from Purchase Orders. This is controlled using Access Groups. To do this, deny access to the 'Goods Receipt from Purchase Order' and/or 'Disallow Goods Receipt from not OKed Purchase Order' Actions as appropriate.

  4. You are using the Not possible to UnOK PO and PO has to be OKed to Receive Goods option in the Purchase Order Settings setting, and you have not approved the Purchase Order.

  5. There is no valid record in the Number Series - Goods Receipts setting (in the Stock module). This might be a fault in the setting itself, or it might be because the default Goods Rec Number on the 'Serial Nos' card of the current user's Person record or in the Number Series Defaults setting (in the System module) is not in a valid Number Series. This problem will usually occur at the beginning of a new year. If you make a change to the 'Serial Nos' card of the Person record, you will need to quit HansaWorld Enterprise and restart for it to take effect.
If you need to include several Purchase Orders in a single Goods Receipt, do not use this function. Instead enter a new Goods Receipt directly to the Goods Receipt register and use the fields on flip I of the Goods Receipt. This is described towards the bottom of this page. If you then receive a single Purchase Invoice covering all the Items on the Goods Receipt, you should enter that Invoice from the Operations menu of the Goods Receipt. If you receive separate Purchase Invoices for each Purchase Order, enter them from the Operations menu of each Purchase Order.