Introduction to the Returned Goods Register

Use this register when goods that you have delivered to your Customer are returned to you. A record in the Returned Goods register is always connected with a Sales Order, and it can be either a full Return or a part Return. You cannot use Returned Goods if you do not have the Sales Orders module.

The difficulty with the returning of goods to stock is to establish the actual value of the goods being returned. The purpose of the Returned Goods register is to allow you to record values that are as accurate as possible. The Original Cost on Returned Goods option in the Cost Accounting setting will help you achieve this. For example, if you are using the Queued Cost Model (FIFO or LIFO) Cost Model, you should receive the Item back into stock with the same value as when you delivered it. If you are using the Weighted Average or Cost Price Cost Models, the Weighted Average or Cost Price may have changed in the time between delivery and return.

When you approve and save the Return, the stock levels of the Items used will be amended accordingly as will the Nominal Ledger stock valuation of any Stocked Items used (if you have chosen in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal