Serial Number Text

Use this setting to record comments and notes about individual Serial Numbered Items. These comments will be shown where appropriate in the Service Order Status report, obtainable from the Operations menu of the Service Order screen.

The 'Serial Number Texts: Browse' window lists the records that have already been saved in this setting: double-click to modify or click [New] to create a new item.

Serial No
Paste Special    Serial Numbers of sold Items and of Repair Items (Known Serial Number register)
Specify the Serial Number of the Item about which comments are being recorded.

If the Item is one originally sold by your business, the Item Number will be brought in to the field below as soon as the Serial Number is specified.

Hansa will not allow more than one record in the Serial Number Text setting for a particular Serial Number/Item combination.

The 'Paste Special' list shows the contents of the Known Serial Number register. This contains Serial Numbers previously used in the