Stock Depreciation Journal

This report shows selected records from the Stock Depreciation register.

Serial No.
Range Reporting    Numeric
Specify the range of Stock Depreciation transactions to be shown in the report. Use a colon (:) to separate the first and last number.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter the start and end dates of the period to be covered by the report.

Paste Special    Locations setting, Stock module
To report on Stock Depreciations that relate to a particular Location, enter the Location Code here.

N/L Account
Paste Special    Account register, Nominal Ledger/System module
Range Reporting    Alpha
To report on Stock Depreciations that debit a particular Account, enter the Account Number here. This refers to the Cost Accounts entered in the header of the Stock Depreciation records, not any that might have been entered in the rows.

Paste Special    Object register, Nominal Ledger/System module
To report on Stock Depreciations