Introduction to the Stock Movement Register

This register allows you to move stock between Locations. If so determined in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger and in the Number Series - Stock Movements setting, Stock Movements, when approved, will create Nominal Ledger Transactions with full control over Accounts, Objects etc. Any cost incurred in the moving of an Item will be included in that Transaction, and will be added to the FIFO value of the moved Item. If you are using the Weighted Average per Location option in the Cost Accounting setting, the extra cost will be included in the Weighted Average figure for the Item in the destination Location. If you are not using this option, the extra cost will be included in the overall Weighted Average figure for the Item.

You can move stock simply from one Location to another, or you can move it from one Location to another via a third Location. This third Location could be a transit point, a temporary storage Location or the truck, ship or other method of transport. If you have many vehicles running between the source and destination Locations, this third Location could also be all of those vehicles, so in this case the third Location would contain all stock that is on its way to the destination. Staff in the final destination can produce a Stock List report for the Via Location at any time to see what Items they are expecting, and they can inspect the Stock Movement record itself fo