Viewing Activities and Tasks

You can view Activities using the following methods:
  1. Open the Task Manager and double-click (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap (iOS/Android) the Activity Text of any Activity.

  2. Open the, weekly or daily Calendar view and double-click or tap the coloured bar representing a particular Activity.

  3. Print the Personal Calendar report to screen, and click or tap the Start Time or Activity Text of any Activity.

  4. If an Activity has been created from or attached to another record (e.g. a Sales Order or Invoice), open that record and then open the Workflow Manager from that record to gain access to the Activity.

  5. Users that have access to the System module can open the Activity register to view all the Activities that have been entered to the database.
In each case, the 'Activity: Inspect' window will be opened, allowing you to view the details of the Activity and to change it if required.


Activities and Tasks in Standard ERP:

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