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Our credit card facilities can help to improve Your Cash Flow!

Your Customers can now pay by Credit Card
HansaWorlds Credit card payment facilities allow you to offer your customers online billing for all type of credit cards.

You don't need to wait for the cheque to arrive, or listen to excuses why customers have not yet paid. Using HansaWorld's Credit Card Payment Facility, agree payment immediately with your customers and improve your cash flow.

Real Time Credit Card Handling
HansaWorld's Credit Card Payment Facility ensures receipt and journal transactions are automatically recorded and the credit card transactions posted directly to your bank account.
There is no Need for capturing the transactions manually afterwards.

Credit Card Reporting and Reconciliation
Credit Card Payment Facility in HansaWorld allows accurate up to date reporting on All Credit Card Transactions and allows you to easily reconcile your credit card account with money expected from the banks?

Saving Credit Card Fees
HansaWorlds Credit Card Payment Facility offers a very low competitive Credit Card Fee per transactions. For more information please see our Fee Sheet.

Setup in Minutes
Once you have decided to make use of HansaWorld's Credit Card Payment Facility, and provided that you have a merchant account, your credit card functionality can be set up in minutes.