SIP Extensions, Persons

This page describes the SIP Extensions, Persons report in the CRM module.


The SIP Extensions, Persons report is a simple list of users showing their SIP addresses. Each user's SIP address will be taken from the Contact record that is connected to their Person or Global User record.

The report will contain separate sections for Persons and Global Users. If you have more than one Company in your database and you are using Global Users, you should produce the report from the Company that contains the Contact records that are connected to the Global Users. Usually this will be the User Contact Company or the Main CRM Company specified in the Global CRM Settings setting. If you produce the report from a different Company, information in the report will be missing or not correct because it won't be possible to connect the Global Users to the correct Contact records. This may also be an issue if different Global Users have different Main CRM Companies.

Paste Special    Person register, System module and Global User register, Technics module
Range Reporting    Alpha
Enter the Signature of a Person or Global User or a range of Signatures separated by a colon (:) if you need particular users to be included in the report. Leave the field blank if you need every user to be shown in the report.

Include Closed Persons
Select this option if you would like Persons and Global Users that have been marked as Closed to be included in the report.

User Type
Select an option to specify whether Named Users, Concurrent Users or both to be included in the report.

SIP Extensions
Select an option to specify whether users with SIP addresses, users without SIP addresses or both to be included in the report.
For each user, the report will show the Signature and Name, Contact Number and SIP address. If you print the report to screen, you can click (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap (iOS/Android) on a Contact Number to open a user's Contact record.


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