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Accurate VAT Returns

Submit your VAT Return with a click of a button using HansaWorld's Electronic VAT return Functionality

Save Time
Are you spending hours calculating and completing your VAT Return? With HansaWorld's Electronic VAT Return it takes virtually seconds to submit approved VAT returns.

No More Late Vat Returns
The HansaWorld's Electronic VAT return functionality decreases the possibility of being late with your VAT returns.

No More Penalties
Using HansaWorld's Electronic VAT Return decreases the possibility of having to pay Late Submission Penalties.

Accurate VAT Returns
HansaWorlds Electronic VAT Return was approved by xxx and with one click of a button the return is sent accurately without making manual transponding errors.

Save Accounting Fees
Your accountant does not have to specially come and do your VAT return. With HansaWorld's Electronic VAT, it's but one button-click away...

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