Introduction to the Company Register

If your business is one where there are subsidiary companies that keep separate accounts, you can create separate partitions in your Standard ERP database for each company. The company partitions (or "Companies") will be completely separate: there will be no common information, although you can choose to share one or more registers. You can also copy from one Company to another using the export and import functions and by dragging and dropping. Separate account balances will be maintained, and each Company within a database can be backed up separately or together (backing up together is recommended).

You should only use this feature to differentiate between different companies if they need to keep separate accounts. If you keep a single set of accounts covering your whole organisation, you only need have a single Company in your database.

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  • Consolidation module - To be used to produce consolidated reports that include many or all Companies in a database

  • Inter Company module - To be used when sending Invoices between Companies in a database

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