Access Groups - System Administrator

This page provides some suggestions regarding the configuration of the Access Group for the System Administrator. Please click the following links for more details about other aspects of Access Groups:

In multi-user systems, it is recommended that at least one member of staff acts as a system administrator, able to use the Technics module on a client machine when other users are logged in. To implement this, the Person record for that administrator should belong to an Access Group that explicitly grants full access to the Technics module:

If you do not have an Access Group that grants access to the Technics module, you will not be able to carry out certain tasks (e.g. sending system messages, configuring timed back-ups) on a client machine. You will only be able to do them on the server machine when no other users are logged in. This may not be convenient if the server is in another building or is otherwise inaccessible

The Technics module is unusual in that you must explicitly include it in an Access Group to gain access to it. If you have not listed the Technics module in an Access Group, access will not be given, even for a Person that Starts from Full Access.

Other modules that you must include in an Access Group to gain access are Integration, which contains various functions that you can use to export information from your Standard ERP database, and Database Maintenance.


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