The Person Register and the Expenses Module

This page describes preparing records in the Person register for use with Expenses and Personnel Payments.


Before you can enter Expense records and Personnel Payments, you should enter separate records for each member of staff in the Person register in the System module. Please refer here for a full description of this register.

You must assign to each member of staff an Account number for advances and settlements, using the Account field on the 'Accounts' card of their Person record. It is recommended that you use a unique Account for each Person or, if this is not possible, you must at least use a unique Tag/Object for each Person. If you do not follow this rule, the Periodic Personnel Statement report may be misleading. When you produce this report for a particular Person, the opening balance figure will be the balance at the beginning of the report period for the Person's Account and Tag/Object in combination. If you have used the same Account and Tag/Object for more than one Person, that opening balance will be the total balance for all those Persons.


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