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Make on-line sales work for you

HansaWorld makes getting your business on-line really easy. All the technology you need is built in and because its fully integrated its easy to manage. Even if you already have a webshop you should read on to see how Hansaworld webshop can make your on-line sales more efficient.

As you would expect the look and feel of our webshop is fully customisable and it has many features as standard including; product search, news pages and contact us. We also have built in Address Verification and ready to use Credit Card Processing.

Updating your website is simple, products, pricing, marketing and news content are all maintained from within your HansaWorld system and any changes you make are available on the website right away.

Managing Order Processing is seamless, as soon as a sale is made on-line a sales order is created in your system. The customer is able to track their order on-line or can opt to receive an SMS when the order is shipped.