Subsystems Checking

This page describes the Subsystems Checking report, which is located in the System and Data Integrity modules.


The Subsystems Checking report is a list of Nominal Ledger Transactions that were created from Sub System records where the Sub System records no longer exist or are no longer marked as OK. Standard ERP contains controls to ensure such a situation cannot arise in normal day-to-day use, but these controls can occasionally be bypassed (for example, by importing a Sub System record that has not been marked as OK from a text file that contains an instruction to overwrite existing records).

If you need a list of Sub System records that have been marked as OK but that do not have corresponding Nominal Ledger Transactions, use the Transaction Checking report.

When printed to screen, the Subsystems Checking report has the Standard ERP Drill-down feature. Click (Windows/macOS) or tap (iOS/Android) on any Transaction Number in the report to open an individual Nominal Ledger Transaction record.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Specify the period to be covered by the report. Unusually, the default period is the current date, not the first period in the Reporting Periods setting.

The report will check each Nominal Ledger Transaction that was created from a Sub System record and that has a Transaction Date within the period specified here. If the originating Sub System record no longer exists or has not been marked as OK, the Nominal Ledger Transaction will be listed in the report.


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