Introduction to Invoices in Standard products

This section describes the Invoice register in Standard Invoicing and Standard Contracts. If you are using Standard Accounts or Standard Stock, please click here.


The Invoice register is a record of your company's sales. Each time you make a sale, you should enter an Invoice, print it and send it to the Customer. You will therefore use the Invoice register for a number of tasks:

  • The printed Invoice sent to the Customer acts as a demand for payment;

  • Unpaid Invoices in the register provide the basis for your debt chasing reports.
You can record three types of sales transaction in the Invoice register:
  1. You will issue standard Invoices, or demands for payment, when you have delivered goods or carried out work before you have received payment. You should record payments against such Invoices in the Receipt register.

  2. You will issue a Cash Note when you receive payment at the same time as carrying out the work. When you