Introduction to the Account Register

This is where you define the Chart of Accounts. Each Account has a number and a name, and belongs to a class of Accounts.

FirstOffice does not have any hard-coded Accounts. You must define a Chart of Accounts, or import an existing one. The simplest method is to use the standard Chart of Accounts supplied with FirstOffice. Please refer to the Setting up a Basic Accounts System page for details of how to do this.


If you use your own Chart of Accounts, or modify the one supplied with FirstOffice, it is important to ensure that every Account used in the settings and report definitions in each module is a valid Account that exists in your Chart of Accounts.

In FirstOffice you always have access to the Chart of Accounts through the 'Paste Special' feature, for example when you enter Transactions and cannot remember an Account Number.

In the Account register you can:

  • Show all Accounts on screen