Introduction to Reports in the System Module

As with all modules, to print a report in the System module, select 'Reports' from the File menu or click the [Reports] button in the Master Control panel. You can also use the Ctrl-R or ⌘-R keyboard shortcuts. Then, double-click the appropriate item in the list.

The following reports are available in the System module:

A specification window will then appear, where you can decide what is to be included in the report.

Use the Media options at the bottom of the specification window to determine the print destination of the report. The default is to print to screen. You can initially print to screen and subsequently send the report to a printer by clicking the Printer icon at the top of the report window.

Once you have entered the reporting criteria and have chosen a print destination, click [Run].

With a report in the active window, use the 'Recalculate' command on the Operations menu to update the report after making alterations to background data. The 'Reopen Report Specification' command on the same menu allows you to produce a new report using different reporting criteria.

If you have the Currencies, Languages and Advanced Pricing Value Pack, the System module will contain an extra report not shown in the illustration above. Please click here for descriptions of this extra report.