Introduction to the Advanced Pricing Value Pack

The standard version of FirstOffice allows you to define various Price Lists and to allocate those Price Lists to different Customers so that the correct Prices are used when you enter Orders and Invoices. When you specify a Customer in an Order or Invoice, the Price List for that Customer will be activated. When you then add an Item to the Order or Invoice, FirstOffice finds the correct Price by searching in the Price register for the unique record for the Price List/Item combination.

The Advanced Pricing Value Pack (part of the Currencies, Languages and Advanced Pricing Value Pack) contains the following features:

  • Automatic Price calculation, removing the need to enter records to the Price register manually, and greatly easing the task of updating Prices; and

  • Quantity discounts.
Because these features represent a significant addition to FirstOffice's pricing system, these pages should be read in place of the standard Price Lists pages.