Introduction to the Group Invoicing Value Pack

The Group Invoicing Value Pack adds one Maintenance function to the Sales Support module. This function allows you to create Invoices in batches. It finds all approved but uninvoiced Deliveries and creates appropriate Invoices, which are saved in an unapproved state. Each Invoice will contain a reference to the Order to which it pertains. If several Deliveries to the same Customer, perhaps from different Orders, require invoicing, they will be grouped together on a single Invoice, providing those Orders have the same Payment Terms. Otherwise, a separate Invoice will be created for each Payment Term used. You can approve all Invoices thus created in a single step, by highlighting them in the 'Invoices: Browse' window and selecting 'OK' from the Operations menu. Remember that if you wish to change any of the Invoices, you must do so before they are approved. You can also print the Invoices in a single batch, using the 'Documents' function on the File menu or the [Documents] button in the Master Control Panel having first selected 'Sales Ledger' using the [Select Module] button in the Master Control panel. Please click for more details about approving and printing Invoices.

Selecting the 'Group Invoicing' function brings up the following dialogue box:

This enables you to limit the Invoice creation to a single Customer or Customer Category or a range of Customers (specify two Customer Numbers, separated by a colon). You can use 'Paste Special' if necessary. Leave the fields blank if you do not need to restrict the Invoice creation to particular Customers. The function options allow you to control the appearance of the Invoice and are self-explanatory.

Click [Run] to run the function. It may take a few moments, depending on the number of Invoices to be created. When it has finished, you will be returned to the 'Maintenance' list window.

An example of an Invoice created with this function is shown below.

Note that the Order Number field on the 'Delivery' card of a Group Invoice will be empty. This is because more than one Order can contribute to a single Group Invoice. Instead, Order Numbers will appear in the grid, as shown in the illustration above. One implication of this is that the 'Recalculate Orders' Maintenance function in the Sales Support module should not be applied to Orders that have been included in a Group Invoice. Group Invoices cannot be found by this function when it recalculates the Invoiced Quantity. On the other hand, if you remove an Order from a Group Invoice before approving that Invoice, you should run the 'Recalculate Orders' function for that Order to set the Invoiced Quantity back to zero.