Introduction to the Languages Value Pack

The Languages part of the Currencies, Languages and Advanced Pricing Value Pack allows you to print documents such as Orders, Invoices and Quotations in the Language of the Customer or Supplier, with appropriate translations of Item names, Payment Terms, etc, and using different Forms.

To set up such a system, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Languages used in your business using the Languages setting in the System module.

  2. For each Customer and Supplier, enter the appropriate Language to the field on the 'Company' card of the Customer screen, using 'Paste Special' if necessary.

  3. Enter translations as necessary in the following settings and registers: Items, Delivery Modes, Delivery Terms, Payment Terms and Units.

  4. Using the Form register in the System module, design as many Forms as necessary in the various Languages. These should include Orders, Invoices of all kinds (including Proforma and Interest Invoices), Delivery Notes, Remittance Advices, Quotations (if you also have the Quotations Value Pack) and Purchase Orders (if you also have the Purchase Orders Value Pack).

  5. Using the 'Define Document' function in each module, specify when each Form is to be used.
Please click the links for detailed descriptions about each step.