The Item Register and the Job Costing Module

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All products or services offered by your company should be entered in this register. This includes all Items that are time based, such as labour and consultancy, which should be entered as Service Items:

Materials and purchases (non-time Items which can be registered against Projects from Time Sheets) should be entered as Plain Items. Only Plain and Service Items can be used in Time Sheets, and only Service Items can be used in Activities.

Plain Items can be treated either as materials or as purchases. This distinction is made on the 'Pricing' card of the Item screen, using the Treat Item as Material on Project check box. The difference between materials and purchases is that, subject to the Project Item Handling setting, purchases can be included in Sales and Purchase Orders created from the Project Budget screen and materials cannot.

When entering Items that you anticipate will be registered against Projects using Purchase Invoices or Expense records, refer to the Markup % field on the 'Pricing' card. In these situations, this field will be used to calculate how much the Customer is to be charged for such Items. The Markup will be added to the Purchase Invoice or Expense amount or to the Item's Base Price, depending on the Project Item Pricing options in the Project Item Handling setting.