Introduction to the Contact Register

The Contact register is where you store information about every company and private individual with whom you have contact, be they Customers, Suppliers, shipping companies, factoring or leasing companies, sales leads or individuals who work for those companies. Contact records do not necessarily represent firms that have purchased goods or services from your business, or sold goods or services to you, and in fact can represent any company that is a potential customer or supplier. You should also store information about individual persons in the Contact register: these can be private individuals or people who work for Customers or Suppliers. In the latter case, you will have separate records in the Contact register for the Customer or Supplier and for the individual Contact Person. The Contact Person and the Customer or Supplier will be linked using the Customer Relations register (described here).

The register is accessible from the Sales and Purchase Orders modules, from the Sales and Purchase Ledgers, and from the Contract, Quotations, CRM and Service Orders modules if installed. To open the register, use the [Select Module] button in the Master Control panel to enter one of these modules and click the [Contacts] button, also in the Master Control panel.

The 'Contacts: Browse' window is opened, showing all Contacts already entered.

Use the Show Reg. No. 1 instead of VAT No. in Contact Browse option in the Contact Settings setting in the Sales Ledger if you would like the Reg. No. 1 to be shown in the 'Contacts: Browse' window instead of the VAT Registration Number.