Hansa BusinessPhone allows you to maintain Call Histories for each Contact. Whenever you make or receive a call, a new Activity will be opened automatically whenever a call you make or receive is answered.

)The title of the window containing the Activity is ‘Activity: Inspect’. This means that the Activity has already been created and saved.

As you make the call, fill in the details as follows:

Use this free text field to describe the call.

This Text will be shown in the Call History report.

Paste Special    Customers, Suppliers and Contact Persons
The Number of the Customer, Supplier or Contact Person you are calling, or who is calling you. You can change this if necessary by entering another Number or using the 'Paste Special' function.

The 'Paste Special' function allows you to enter the correct Customer, Supplier or Contact Person into the Activity. Place the cursor in the Customer field and then activate the 'Paste Special' feature using the Ctrl-Enter keyboard shortcut. The 'Paste Customer' window opens. By default, this is a list of Customers. Click the [Suppliers] button if you need to see Suppliers or the [All Contacts] button if you need to see Customers, Suppliers and Contact Persons.

The 'Paste Customer' window is similar to the Contact list in its behaviour, so you can sort the list by any of the columns by clicking the column heading and use the Search field to find the record you are looking for (using the * wildcard if necessary).Select the Customer, Supplier or Contact Person you want by double-clicking or by highlighting and pressing Enter. The Contact Number and other details (Name, Primary Contact and Telephone Number) are transferred to the Activity screen.

The Name of the Customer, Supplier or Contact Person you are calling, or who is calling you.

Paste Special    Persons
The Person making or receiving the call. As the current user, your initials will be entered as a default.

If necessary, you can enter the initials of more than one Person, separated by commas.

You can use the 'Paste Special' feature to choose a Person, in the same way as described for the Customer field above. If you need to use 'Paste Special' to enter several sets of initials, type the comma before opening the 'Paste Special' list. This will cause the next set of initials to be added to those already entered. Otherwise, the previous initials will be overwritten.

Once an Activity has been marked as Done and saved, the Person cannot