Introduction to Creating SmartApps Applications

HansaWorld SmartApps is a database tool that allows you to create your own applications for use on the Nokia E90. Each SmartApps application will be a database that consists of a register in which information of a particular type is stored, in the form of records. Each record will in turn consist of a number of fields. For example, you might create a SmartApps application that stores contact information for your Customers. This application will consist of a single Customer register, which will contain a separate record for each Customer. The individual pieces of information about a Customer (telephone number, mobile number, email address and so on) will be stored in separate fields within the record.

When you create a SmartApps application, you will need to create the following elements:

  • the App itself;

  • a Register;

  • one or more Fields in the Register;

  • a Browse window. This window will appear when you open the Register and will list the records in that Register; and

  • a R