Each user in Standard ERP with a Mailbox can enter a Presentation containing a brief profile about themselves and a picture. This profile will be visible to other users. Each Conference can also have a Presentation, which can contain details about the purpose of the Conference.

Presentations can be viewed and modified by the system administrator using the Presentations setting in the Email and Conferences module.

Entering a Presentation

To enter your Presentation, open your Mailbox browse window and select 'Presentation' from the Operations menu (with 'cog' icon, Windows/Mac OS X) or Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon, iOS/Android). The following window opens:

Type your profile in to the left-hand field.

To attach a picture to your Presentation, click or tap the [Document Manager] button (with the paper clip icon). Choose 'Attach File' from the Operations or Tools menu. Locate the image on your hard disk and press [Open]. The picture will be attached to the record. It must be a .jpg file. The maximum picture size is 280 x 280 pixels: larger pictures will be cropped. If you are using Mac OS X, an alternative method is to use the [Add picture] button underneath the picture field. As well as allowing you to upload a picture from your hard disk, this method also allows you to take a photograph of yourself using your computer's camera.

Click the [Save] button (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap √ (iOS/Android) in the Button Bar to save the Presentation, and close the window using the close box or <.

You can return to your Presentation at any time using the same route to change it.

Reading Presentations

To read the Presentation of another user, first open a Mail with that user listed as the sender or one of the recipients, or create a new Mail and enter the user's name in the list of recipients. Ensure the cursor is in the user's name and select 'Presentation' from the Operations or Tools menu. The user's Presentation is opened. Once you have read it, close it by clicking the close box(Windows/Mac OS X) or tapping < (iOS/Android).

You should also use this method to create Presentations for Conferences.

An alternative way to read a Presentation is to click or tap the word "Info" beside a name in the Who Is Online report.


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