Introduction to Documents in Books by HansaWorld

When you need to print an individual record, you will do so by printing a document. Documents are formal printouts such as invoices, often printed for sending to third parties (e.g. Customers or Vendors). You can use up to three methods to print documents. These are:
  1. Open the record that you want to print and click the Printer icon:

    If you want to print to screen, click the Preview icon:

  2. Open the register containing the record that you want to print, highlight it in the list and select 'Print' from the File menu. You can select a number of records by shift-clicking to print them all.

  3. Use the [Documents] button in the Master Control panel or the ⌘-D (Mac OS X) or Ctrl-D (Windows) keyboard shortcut to open the list of documents. The documents in the list will vary with the selected module.

  4. If you need to set the page size, number of copies and other printer options for a document, click on it in the list once and choose 'Page Setup' from the File menu. You can also use this function to choose the printer on which the document is to be printed. These settings will be used whenever you print the particular document until you choose 'Page Setup' once again, or until you choose 'Remove Page Setup' from the Operations menu of the 'Documents' list.

  5. Double-click the document that you want to print. A dialog box (also known as a "specification window") will open, where you should specify the records that you want to print. Illustrated below is the specification window for Invoices:

  6. Specify the record or records that you want to be printed. If you want to print a range, separate the first and last records in the range using a colon as