Adding and Editing Objects in Form Templates

This page describes adding objects or design elements of various kinds to a Form Template.


There are six types of object or design element that you can add to a Form Template: Text, Line, Frame, Field, Picture and Page Sum. Each type of object has its own button at the top of the Form Template window:

To add an object of any type to a Form Template, click the appropriate button at the top of the window and then draw a box with the mouse or trackpad in the Form Template where you want the object to appear. When you release the mouse button, a dialogue box will be opened, where you can place the object more precisely using coordinates, specify a font style and so on. To edit an existing object, double-click it to open the same dialogue box where you can change the specifications of the object. If the dialogue box does not open when expected, the probable reason is that you have already opened a similar dialogue box from another Form Template object, perhaps from a different Form Template.

If you need to see a grid to help with placing objects on the page, select the Grid option towards the top right of the window. You can also change the magnification using the drop-down menu to the right of the Grid option. If you are using Windows, you will need to save the Form Template after changing the Grid option selection or the magnification.

Please refer to the following pages for details about each object type:


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