The Circulation export function creates text files containing address data for a selection of Customers. It can be used as a merge file for label production in a word processor.

Paste Special    Customers in Contact register
Range Reporting    Alpha
Enter a Customer Number to limit the selection to the Contracts signed by one Customer.

Range Reporting    Numeric
Enter a Contract Number or a range of Numbers to export particular Contracts, or leave blank to export all Contracts.

Paste Special    Contract Classes setting, Contracts module
Use this field to export all Contracts of a particular Contract Class.

Inv. Period: From, To Date
Paste Special    Choose date
Enter a range of dates. All Contracts that are due for invoicing during the indicated period will be included in the export file.

The beginning of the period can be left open, but the To field must contain a value. Otherwise, the export file will be empty.

Three options are provided as to the order in which the Contracts are sorted in the export file.

The fields in the export file can be separated by commas or tabs.

Choose whether to export the Invoice or Delivery Addresses of the selected Contracts. If you choose to use Delivery Addresses, the Invoice Address will not be exported for Contracts that do not have a Delivery Address.
Press [Run] to start the export. When it has finished, close the 'Export' window using the close box.


Export functions in the Contracts module:

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