Contract Classes

The Contract Class is a means of analysing Contracts for reporting or prioritising. When you enter a Contract, you can assign it to a Contract Class. This Class will be visible in the 'Contracts: Browse' window, and you can also search for Contracts beginning to a particular Class when reporting and invoicing.

On opening the setting, the 'Contract Classes: Browse' window is shown. Enter each new Contract Class in the first blank line and, when finished, click the [Save] button (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap ‚àö (iOS/Android) to save the changes. To close the window without saving changes, use the close box or tap <.

Enter the Code for the Contract Class in this field. The code can contain up to five characters, and you may freely mix letters and numbers.

To make it easier to remember what the different codes stand for, you can enter a short descriptive text here.

Paste Special    Tag/Object register, Nominal Ledger/System module
If you need a particular Tag/Object to be assigned to every Contract belonging to a particular Class, specify that Tag/Object here. You can enter more than one Tag/Object, separated by commas.

In the Nominal Ledger Transactions generated from Contract Invoices, these Tags/Objects will be assigned to the debit postings to the Debtor Account, the credit postings to the Sales Accounts and, if the Invoices will update stock, the debit postings to the Cost of Sales Accounts.

Paste Special    Choices of possible entries
If you have ticked the Reminders box on the 'Terms' card of the Contact record for a particular Customer, you will be able to print and send reminders to that Customer for any outstanding Invoices. You can then tick the No Reminder box in an individual Invoice if you do not want Reminders to be printed for that Invoice.

If you enter "No Reminders" in this field (using 'Paste Special' if necessary), the No Reminder box will be ticked in Contract Invoices created from Contracts belonging to a particular Class. If you set this field to "Reminders" (the default), the No Reminder box will not be ticked.

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