Workflow in the MRP Module

To use the MRP module, follow these steps:
  1. In the Forecast Settings setting, choose a Period Type.

    If you need to create monthly Sales Forecasts and to use monthly figures in all calculations, select "Months" as the Period Type. Otherwise (i.e. if you need to create weekly Sales Forecasts), select "Weeks" as the Period Type.

    You should also specify a No. of Periods in the same setting. The No. of Periods will be used to calculate average predicted sales per day figures. For example, if you select "Months" as the Period Type and set the No. of Periods to six, average predicted sales per day figures will be calculated from the Sales Forecasts for the next six months. This will mean you should ensure you always have Sales Forecasts for each Item for the next six months at least (step 4 below).

  2. Enter the number of sales days in each week or month in each year. These figures will also be used to calculate average predicted sales per day figures. If you chose "Months" as the Period Type in step 1, you should do this in the No. of Work Days setting. If you chose "Weeks" as the Period Type, use the Bank Holidays for Sales Forecast setting. Again, you should maintain these settings well ahead of time so that the average calculation remains accurate.

  3. Specify what the stock level of each Item should be at the beginning of each week or month (depending on the Period Type that you selected in step 1). To do this, use the Stock Policies setting. You can specify minimum and maximum figures, both expressed as a number of days' sales.

  4. Enter the predicted sales of each Item in the Sales Forecast register, entering at least one record for each week or month (again depending on the Period Type). To activate a Sales Forecast record, mark it as OK and save it. You should enter Sales Forecasts well in advance, to allow time for the Items in the Sales Forecasts to be produced or purchased.

  5. If you will be producing Items for sale, run the 'Create Production Plan' Maintenance function periodically. This will create a Production Plan specifying the quantity of each Item you need to produce to meet the Sales Forecast and to satisfy the Stock Policy (end-of-period stock level). To see a list of the Items that will be included in the Production Plan together with quantities and detailed calculations, produce a Create Production Plan - Preview report.

  6. Periodically run the