Introduction to the Goods Receipt Register

This register records the receiving into stock of Stocked Items. Normally, you will take the information for the Goods Receipt record from the Supplier's delivery note. Stock values are based on the information recorded in the Goods Receipt register.

You can enter Goods Receipt records directly to the Goods Receipt register in the Stock module. If you have the Purchase Orders module, you can also create them from Purchase Orders, in a similar manner to that in which Deliveries are created from Sales Orders.

If you have the Production module, entering a record in the Production register will update stock through an "invisible" goods receipt transaction. The result of "finishing" a Production transaction in the Production module is to update the stock levels of the input and output Items specified in the Recipe used. No Goods Receipt transaction will be generated in the Goods Receipt register, but the result of the stock change will be visible in the Item History report in the Stock module.

To open the Goods Receipt register, first ensure you are in the Stock module, then click the [Goods Receipts] button in the Master Control panel. The 'Goods Receipts: Browse' window is opened, showing Goods Receipts already entered:

Goods Receipts are normally shown in transaction number order. The OK column contains a check mark for Goods Receipts that have been approved.