Checking and Approving Goods Receipts

Once you have entered a Goods Receipt, you need to check it and approve it, in order to confirm amounts and values. Click in the OK click box to approve it, and save the approval by pressing the [Save] button in the Button Bar. You will no longer be able to change a Goods Receipt once it has been approved.

On approval, stock levels will be amended and, if so defined in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger and in the Number Series - Goods Receipts setting, a cost accounting Transaction will be created in the Nominal Ledger. Please refer to the Nominal Ledger Transactions from Goods Receipts page for details of the Accounts used by this Transaction.

You can use Access Groups to control who can approve Goods Receipts. To do this, deny access to the 'OKing Goods Receipts' Action.