Analytical Balance

This report is similar to the Trial Balance, but with the addition of debit and credit balances for each Account. The paper printout in addition shows the accumulated balances for the financial year.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter the period to be covered by the report. The default value is the first period in the Reporting Periods setting.
Card 1
Paste Special    Account register, Nominal Ledger/System module
Range Reporting    Alpha
Limit the report to a single Account, or range of Accounts.

Paste Special    Object register, Nominal Ledger/System module
Enter an Object here if you want the balances in the report to be calculated from Transactions with that Object only. Unlike most Nominal Ledger reports, you can only enter a single Object here: if you enter a number of Objects separated by commas, the report will be empty.

Fwd Bal Date
Specify here the date for which the Forward Balances are to be calculated. The default is the first date of the default report period above.

Sub A/C Length
You should use this field together with the Sub A/C Totals check box on card 2. Please refer to the description of that check box below for details.

Object Type
Paste Special    Object Types setting, Nominal Ledger
Enter an Object Type here if you want the balances in the report to be calculated from Transactions with Objects belonging to a certain Object Type only.

Values in
If you are using the Dual-Base system, values in this report can be shown in either Base Currency. Use these options to choose which Currency is to be used on this occasion.

If you are not using the Dual-Base system, use the Base Currency 1 option to produce a report in your home Currency.

You can produce two versions of this report:
This version of the report shows standard Accounts only.

With Group Accounts
This version of the report is designed for use in Portugal. It includes the hierarchical report headings (together with subtotals) defined using the Group Account check box on the Account screen. Please click here for full details.

If you use this option together with the Opening Statement option on card 2, the report will show Balance Sheet Accounts only.

Paste Special    Languages setting, System module
You can produce the Analytical Balance report in different Languages: enter the required Language Code here. The appropriate translation for each Account Name will be taken from the 'Texts' card of the Account record.

If you do not enter a Language here, but you have entered a Language in the Company Info setting in the System module, the report will be produced in that Language if you are using the Account Description in Company Language option in the Transaction Settings setting in the Nominal Ledger.

Groups only
Using this option, the report will only show subtotals for groups of Accounts, grouped using the first digit of the Account Code. If you do not use this option, balances for each Account will be shown together with the group subtotals.

List Transactions
If you use this option, the Transaction Numbers of all Transactions that fall within the reporting period, together with debit and credit totals, will be listed at the bottom of the report.

Sub A/C Totals
This option takes the group totalling offered by the Groups Only option above a stage further. It displays subtotals for groups of Accounts with the same initial digits. Specify the number of initial digits that should be the same in the Sub A/C Length field on card 1. For example, if the Sub A/C Length is 3, the balances for Accounts 4011, 4012 and 4014 will be shown as a subtotal. The single-digit group total (for Accounts starting with 4 in the example) will be shown as well.

Don't print Groups
By default, the report lists balances for each Account together with the group subtotals (subtotals of balances of Accounts with the same initial digit). If you don't want to print the group subtotals, check this box.

Don't print Header
Check this box if you want the report to be printed without a header.

Opening Statement
You can only use this option together with the With Group Accounts option card 1. This combination produces a report only showing opening balances (i.e. balances for the Fwd Bal Date specified on card 1) for Balance Sheet Accounts.

For Fiscal Purposes
This option prints the figures without the thousands separator (i.e. 1,000.00 is printed as 1000.00). This format is required by the fiscal authorities in Portugal.

Cut Account Names
This option prints abbreviated versions of each Account Name (the first fifteen characters are printed).

Show Objects
Usually the report shows total debit and credit balances for each Account. Check this box if you would like subtotal balances for each Object to be shown as well.

Include Simulations
Choose one of these options if you want to include simulated transactions in the report. If you choose the All option, Simulation rows of "Invalid" or "Transferred" Status will not be included.