OK Invoices, OK Invoices (Non Stop)

The 'OK Invoices' function allows you to mark several Invoices as OK with one command.

The OK Invoices (Non Stop) function is similar, but will not stop the server for other operations. It will be run in several steps, allowing other work to be carried out between the steps.

Enter an Invoice Number or a range of numbers separated by a colon and press the [Run] button. The Invoices will be marked as OK immediately and, if so defined in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger and in the Number Series - Invoices setting, Nominal Ledger Transactions will be generated for each one. As a result, you will no longer be able to modify or delete those Invoices.

Usually you can use Access Groups to control who can mark Invoices and Credit Notes as OK, by denying access to the 'OK Invoices' and 'OK Credit Notes' Actions respectively where necessary. However, these Actions do not apply to the OK Invoices and OK Invoices (Non Stop) functions. Instead, as with all Maintenance functions, you can explicitly deny access to the functions themselves.

If there are any Invoices in the range that need to pass through an approval process before you can mark them as OK, they will be ignored by the function. You can configure approval processes using the Approval Rules register in the Business Alerts module. Please refer to the description of the Approval Status options on the 'Inv. Address' card of the Invoice window for brief details about the approval process and here for full details.


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