Auto Actions

This setting determines the rules for automatic document printing.

The documents involved are the Order Confirmation/Acknowledgement, the Internal Order, the Delivery Note, the Freight Label and the Invoice. The default setting is that no documents are printed automatically.

You can choose to have Order Confirmations and Internal Orders printed every time a new Order is saved for the first time, or after every alteration of an Order. For Invoices, Freight Labels and Delivery Notes, the document can be printed each time an Invoice or Delivery Note is approved and saved. In the case of Freight Labels, if you choose the One per Item Row or One per Item option, you can prevent their being printed for certain Items. To do this, place these Items in an Item Group whose Do Not Print Freight Labels for this Group option is switched on. Invoices can also be printed automatically when they are created using the 'Invoice' function on the Operations menu of the Contract screen. At the time that these are printed, the Invoices are unapproved, so they are marked with the text "Test Printout". Finally, Cash Invoices can also be printed automatically from the Point of Sales module when they are approved and saved.