Entering an Activity - Text Card

This page describes the fields on the 'Text' card of the Activity record. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other cards:

The 'Text' card will be useful when you need to make notes about an Activity. If you are using iOS or Android, tap the 'Items' tab at the top of the Activity window to go to the 'Text' card.

From the Code field, you can use the 'Paste Special' link to the Text Types setting to bring in certain generic comments

You can also leave the Code field blank and simply type some ad hoc text in the Text field. There is space for several lines of notes. If you need to enter more than one line of text, keep typing. The insertion point will move to the next line automatically when necessary.

If you are using iOS or Android, add a row by tapping the + button below the matrix. To remove a row, long tap on the row number on the left of the row and select 'Delete Row' from the resulting menu. To insert a row, long tap on the row number where the insertion is to be made and select 'Insert Row' from the resulting menu.

If the Activity Type of an Activity belongs to an Activity Class in which the Force Entry of Text in Matrix option has been selected, you must enter at least one line in the matrix before you will be able to save the Activity. If you have assigned a Default Activity Text Code record to the Activity Type, the Text Types in that record will be added to the Activity automatically when you specify the Activity Type.

When you print an Activity, the notes on the 'Text' card will be included in the print-out if you have included the "Text" and "Text Type" fields in the Form Template.

An alternative to using the 'Text' card is to use the 'Descriptions' or 'Comments' cards. The advantage of using the 'Descriptions' or 'Comments' cards is that the comments will be dated and signed automatically. The disadvantage is that information added on the 'Descriptions' or 'Comments' cards cannot be printed. The 'Descriptions' and 'Comments' cards will not be available if you are using iOS or Android.

End Activity
Clicking or tapping the [End Activity] button will bring the current date and time into the End Date and End Time fields, overwriting what was previously there, and save the Activity. This will be useful if you are using an Activity to record a telephone call or other time-dependent task and you need to bring in the exact time the task ended as well as save all the changes that you have made to the Activity. The button does not automatically mark the Activity as Done.

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