Cash Notes in the Sales Ledger

A Cash Note is an Invoice that is immediately to be treated as being paid. It differs from a normal Invoice in that it does not affect your Debtor Account or appear in any of your debt-chasing reports: instead, a debit posting for the Invoice value will be made directly to your Cash Account.

To enter a Cash Note, follow the usual procedure for entering Invoices, with just one exception: change the Payment Terms (using the 'Paste Special' function if necessary) to refer to a Payment Term record of Type "Cash":

If appropriate, you can register a "Cash" Payment Term in the Contact records for Customers who always pay immediately (in the Sales Pay. Terms field), so you don't have to make this change every time.

Click the OK check box when you are sure the Cash Note is correct. As with ordinary Invoices, you must approve Cash Notes by checking the OK check box and saving, for them to be posted to the Sales Ledger. In the resulting Nominal Ledger Transactions, the Cash Account will be debited:

The Invoice Status report for the Cash Note (obtained using the 'Invoice Status' function on the Operations menu) shows that it has been treated as paid immediately and therefore that nothing is outstanding:

Cash Notes will be printed using the Cash Note Form Template instead of the standard Invoice Form Template. Please refer to the Printing Invoices page for more details.

If you need to register a partial payment by cash or credit card when entering an Invoice, use the 'Add Cash Line' or 'Add Credit Card Line' functions on the Row menu.


The Invoice register in Standard ERP:

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