Operations Menu - Create Purchase Order

This function allows you to highlight one or more Sales Orders in the 'Orders: Browse' window and then to apply the 'Create Purchase Orders' Maintenance function to those Sales Orders. Please refer to the description of this Maintenance function here, bearing the following points in mind:
  • The Per Sales Order option of the Maintenance function will not be used so, if there is more than one Sales Order for the same Item, the function will aggregate the quantities on a single Purchase Order.

  • The Only With Suggestions option in the Maintenance function will not be used, so the quantities in the new Purchase Orders will not take stock levels, minimum stock levels and existing outstanding Sales and Purchase Orders into account.

  • Cost Prices will be taken from Default Purchase Items. In the case of an Item that does not have a related Default Purchase Item and if you have specified a Default Supplier, the Cost Price will be taken from flip C of the relevant Sales Order row.

  • The Customer's Del Address on Purchase Order option is not used.
If this behaviour does not suit your requirements, use the 'Create Purchase Orders' Maintenance function instead.