Printing Purchase Orders

There are two ways to print a Purchase Order.
  1. While entering or inspecting a Purchase Order, click the Printer icon in the Button Bar or select 'Print' from the File menu. If you want to print to screen, click the Preview icon.

  2. In the Purchase Orders module, click the [Documents] button in the Master Control panel or use the Ctrl-D (Windows and Linux)/⌘-D (Macintosh) key combination. Double-click 'Purchase Orders' in the 'Documents' list window or highlight it and press the Enter key. Indicate the Purchase Order Number (or range of Purchase Order Numbers) to be printed and press [Run].
Whichever method you use to print a Purchase Order, the Form used is determined as follows:
  1. Using the Form register in the System module, design the purchase order and name it "PURCHASE_ORDER". Use the 'Properties' function on the Operations menu to assign a Document Type of "Purchase Order". A sample Purchase Order Form is supplied with HansaWorld Enterprise: you can modify this to suit your requirements. You might want to design differ